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CCDD’s First AGM Tonight (Tuesday Sept 28th, 2010)

Tonight at 8pm, Capital City Derby Dolls will be having its very first Annual General Meeting.

At St Anne Catholic School in Kanata.

We invite our leaguemates and the community at large to come see what we’re doing, how we’re doing it, and who’s gonna be doing it!

We’ll be voting on important things like:

-The bylaws

-The Code of Conduct

-The colours and logo

-The executive board

-The name (voting for ‘dollies’, ‘divas’, ‘dames’, or other suggestions from the members)

This is an important meeting and will set the tone and focus for the next twelve months! We are really looking forward to seeing you there!


An update and tons of important details! Including registration!

Hello again from Capital City Derby Dolls!

As requested by both people who made it to the Open House, and those who were unable to attend, here’s some summary info from our meeting. Be aware that updates on start dates and other important dates are in here, too! Even if you already registered for CCDD, we will need some more info from you. Be sure to read this thoroughly.


We’ll keep this brief, because you can always get details from any CCDD board member.

STRUCTURE: We are a not-for-profit league run by an elected board and a set of committees. The board and committees are made up of skaters and officials of CCDD. Our organization can make money, but no individual will take a profit from the league. So, we can raise and save money for long-term goals, but no individual has a claim to our profits for their own use.

FOCUS: We want to be a league full of positivity, comraderie, hard work, and athleticism. We will strive to be a place where women (and men, as refs) can expand on their physical abilities and become happy, confident athletes.

MEMBERSHIP: Dues are $10 per practice for September, though you are invited to pay the standard $50.00 monthly due if you are able to. There are a lot of start up costs and your contribution would help. As of October, dues will be $50 per month. Dues are due on the first practice of each month, and you only need to pay one month at a time.  The first focus of CCDD is on creating competitive derby teams; naturally, there will be an attendance policy, proposed to be a 75% attendance to be considered bout-ready. There is a code of conduct and bylaws that all players must read. These two documents are available upon request (email us) so that you can read them and be ready to vote on them at the annual general meeting  (AGM). All players are also expected to sit on a committee, which they can choose at the AGM.

PRACTICES: The practice schedule is also available upon request (email us). If you are a new player or a player who has not yet passed your min skills test, you are in the ‘fresh meat’ section (note that players who have partially completed their FM training with another league will receive individualized training outside of the standard FM.) If you have passed your min skills at another league, you are attend ‘league’ practices. Note that all league skaters will take the exams with the FM crew so that CCDD can ethically claim that all skaters have their skills; if there is a skill you are struggling with, talk to the coaches and we will help you with it! No worries!

REFS AND OFFICIALS: Practices will be held at the same time as FM, with exceptions for scrimmages that Rowdy Ranger may have you ref. Email Rowdy at to be on the referee mailing list.

LEAGUE DEVELOPMENT: We have many goals for CCDD, including, eventually, low-contact (loco) derby, as well as derby fitness boot camps, and these will come later. At present, we are focusing on derby that is competitive and will bout against other teams.

Our first priority is the skate drive, which will have its official launch on Wednesday September 22, from 6-9pm, at the Comic Shoppe. A selected few girls will be there thanking people for donations and handing out info. You can direct people to the shoppe, or the other location(s) on the poster—which you will get later this week.


SEPT 20TH: FIRST PRACTICE FOR LEAGUE SKATERS. Fresh Meat who have skates can come for the FM portion of practice and get some skate time in, but it will be informal. However, please note: if you are a skater with partial min skills (ie. skaters formerly known as Chaos Crew), the FM times starting Sept 20th are for you! This is the start of practice for those skaters.

The practice schedule is available by request. Email us.

SEPT 22: LAUNCH OF SKATE DRIVE. Get your friends to donate skates, safety gear, and helmets.

SEPT 28: ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING (AGM), 7pm, St Anne Catholic School in Kanata:  Vote on important documents and vote in your board members for the year!

OCT 4: FRESH MEAT BEGINS! If you are a freshie, this is when you will begin! On the practice schedule, you will see your practice times called FRESH MEAT. That time will be shared with the girls who have partially finished their FM training (ie. the Chaos Crew). Delicate Plow’her will be coaching the ‘day old’ meat, and Ender will be coaching the FRESH meat.

TUESDAYS: Tuesdays will be extra practice time at St Anne’s Catholic school. The exact time the gym will be available will depend on if we are using the space for other things, too, like committee meetings.

Note that we may have limited space for Freshies; having your own skates will up your chances of getting into this first FM group. You can get some cheap temporary hi-boot skates at Ragtime on Flora St.; if you plan to buy proper derby skates, ask Delicate Plow’her for advice, and/or buy from a reputable company with a good return policy like Rollergirl. If you can’t afford skates right now or just can’t get them in time, please don’t hesitate to register anyway, so we know you’re interested; if we cannot accommodate you THIS time, we will get you in NEXT time.


We have some registration forms filled out by skaters. However, not everyone made it to the meeting. If you would like to register as a league skater, a former Chaos Crew, or a Fresh Meat, please be sure to RE-CONFIRM your interest by emailing and have that email include:

Name (and derby name if you’re a league skater)

What you are registering for (league, Fresh Meat, Chaos catch-up, or Referee)

Do you have your own skates/are you getting skates?

Do you have an extra pair of skates to loan?

What size are your feet?


We want you have lots of ways to communicate with you! Please follow us on



Our blog:

Our site (under construction):

If you have any questions, please continue emailing them to


We have a dream of a league that rocks on the battlefield, and laughs on the practice track. We are so excited that you are considering taking this journey with us. There will be learning curves all over the place, but as long as we remember how to T-stop at the bottom, we’ll do great. The handful of people who started this crazy project are passionate about derby, and passionate about the people who make derby a reality. We can’t wait to see you out on the track with us. Derby love!!!

Ender, on behalf of Capital City Derby Dolls interim board

YOU’RE INVITED: Open House Monday Sept 13, 7pm

If you’d like to learn more about CCDD, now is the time to do so!

Refs, potential skaters, potential sponsors, etc: you’re invited to come to our open house info session on Monday September 13, at 7pm!

Address: 7 Ettrick Cres, Ottawa, Ontario. In Barrhaven, take the 95 to Fallowfield and then the 70 to Larkin/Ettrick intersection if travelling by bus.

For more info, go to the event posting on Facebook!

See you there!

Twitter AND Facebook

Hello World!

You can now follow CCDD on Twitter: search CCDerbyDolls and add us. All our latest developments, news, changes, thoughts and shout-outs to the world are right at your fingertips.

CCDD also has a facebook page so go ahead and click that ‘like’ button and spread the word. We’ll be posting pictures, event information and writing about our progress. Check back often and be a part of something new and exciting!

Press Release: Capital City Derby Dolls launches September 2010

Hey ya’ll,

Here’s our official press release. Feel free to share it! And don’t forget to read our previous (and future) blog entries to keep up to date!

And yes, this is our CCDD logo!


September 9, 2010


Capital City Derby Dolls Bring their Derby Vision to Ottawa

Ottawa – There’s a new game in town, and it’s on wheels. Capital City Derby Dolls is Ottawa’s newest roller derby league.

The Capital City Derby Dolls play flat-track roller derby, which got its start in Texas less than ten years ago. As Ottawa’s newest derby league, Capital City brings enthusiasm and optimism to the roller derby community in Ottawa. Capital City is a non-profit, player-run league.

“We’re very excited to bring a fun, upbeat vision of roller derby to Ottawa through Capital City Derby Dolls,” said interim league President Carli Staub (derby name: Hell’n Ripley). “We love roller derby, and are really looking forward to developing a league from the ground up.”

Capital City welcomes female players and refs of both genders. “We welcome all shapes and sizes, and all skills levels,” said Staub. “We are an inclusive, friendly and welcoming bunch. That hit each other.”


For more information:

Welcome to Capital City Derby Dolls…

This past week has been a whirlwind adventure. The CCDD board has worked diligently to begin setting up all the bones and sinews of a derby league–drafting bylaws and a code of conduct, planning for training and fresh meat, securing practice space, and talking about league colours…because derby isn’t derby without the fashion.

We’ve got some exciting ideas to reveal next week, when CCDD holds an open house for girls and guys who are interested in playing and reffing. If you’d like to attend, find the event listed on Facebook and come on over. We plan to keep the atmosphere positive, future-focused, and fun. And if you’re not the kind of nerd that gets all excited about not-for-profit board governance, we’ll be talking about other stuff, too, like training plans, long term goals, and skates.

The CCDD interim board met last week and did a lot of work. After all the work, as I mentioned, we talked about league colours. Fingers crossed that the league membership votes for it, but we’re in love with the colour green. It’s fresh, vibrant, and underused in derby. Anyway, after we all confessed our love of green, I did a little research into traditional heraldry (because we’re all about the nerdiness here), and found out that green represented hope, joy, felicity and pleasure; it is associated with the planet Venus (how perfect is that!); and a bunch of other cool stuff, including that emeralds (the famous green stone) represent wisdom and reason.

These are awesome qualities and represent the vibe we wanna have at Capital City Derby Dolls.

Also, American Apparel has the BEST green socks.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Hello world!

We are Capital City Derby Dolls, Ottawa’s newest roller derby league!

We’re brand-spanking-new and we’re building a league that

-is player run

-is not-for-profit

-operates with transparency

-is committed to taking derby to the next level

-believes in having fun while constantly improving your competitive derby skills!

We are made up of veteran skaters, newer skaters, and squeaky-clean fresh meat. We are inclusive, welcoming, and focused on consistent development both as a league and as individual players.

Follow us as we blog along about how we’re building Capital City Derby Dolls here in Ottawa!