Welcome to Capital City Derby Dolls…

This past week has been a whirlwind adventure. The CCDD board has worked diligently to begin setting up all the bones and sinews of a derby league–drafting bylaws and a code of conduct, planning for training and fresh meat, securing practice space, and talking about league colours…because derby isn’t derby without the fashion.

We’ve got some exciting ideas to reveal next week, when CCDD holds an open house for girls and guys who are interested in playing and reffing. If you’d like to attend, find the event listed on Facebook and come on over. We plan to keep the atmosphere positive, future-focused, and fun. And if you’re not the kind of nerd that gets all excited about not-for-profit board governance, we’ll be talking about other stuff, too, like training plans, long term goals, and skates.

The CCDD interim board met last week and did a lot of work. After all the work, as I mentioned, we talked about league colours. Fingers crossed that the league membership votes for it, but we’re in love with the colour green. It’s fresh, vibrant, and underused in derby. Anyway, after we all confessed our love of green, I did a little research into traditional heraldry (because we’re all about the nerdiness here), and found out that green represented hope, joy, felicity and pleasure; it is associated with the planet Venus (how perfect is that!); and a bunch of other cool stuff, including that emeralds (the famous green stone) represent wisdom and reason.

These are awesome qualities and represent the vibe we wanna have at Capital City Derby Dolls.

Also, American Apparel has the BEST green socks.

Stay tuned for more updates!


One thought on “Welcome to Capital City Derby Dolls…

  1. Sue says:

    Way to go Guys!! Congrats on BLOWING OUT OF THE GATES!!! This is the start of something BIG!

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