Update: Long Overdue…

So, here we are hurtling into the winter with only derby to keep us warm! We have been going through the growing pains of starting up and establishing ourselves over the last couple of months- setting up our practice spaces and times and not to mention actually getting our rental together for our Fresh Meat. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm…meat…..!

Our first group of Freshies are gliding on through practices and getting ready to do their mins shortly. This was our small and dedicated group who made it on out on begged, borrowed and old equipment- I think we have some skaters in there with skates that date back to the 1970s, and what can I say but skates have come a long way, baby!

Our second group of Freshies- Fresh Meat 2 as we so creatively like to call them- got off to a roaring start on Saturday. A lot of the ladies showing up ready, willing and anxious to skate- so scuffing up our first set of rental skates.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to convince some of them to write about their derby experiences here- fingers crossed!

Finally, we have tidied house- so to say- and have re-structured and re-elected our Executive Board.

Briefly, here’s how the CCDD Executive looks:

Best Practices Specialist: Shutter Down (Shauna White)
Community Specialist: Delicate Plow’her (Bella Lewkowicz)
Insurance and Infrastructure Specialist: Star (Jessica Brassard)
Financial Specialist: Mech (Patrick Ramsahoye)
Records Specialist: Deanna Destroi (Jane Hosek)

So, that’s a quick update for now!

Eastern Block’Her


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