Silly Socks

It’s 11:45 p.m. I had a practice tonight and it kicked my ass in that great way you want a practice to do that you. It would have been perfect had my car decided not to start in the parking lot. With everyone gone, I had no choice but to call CAA. They showed up quickly, which was good as my sweaty body was on the verge of freezing.

This is not the point of this evening post. The point is that I bought new socks at Winners. And these socks are certainly worth discussing because they’re magical.

Way back in the day, when I used to speed skate, I wore NO SOCKS in my speed skates. I copied the older kids and learned that the lack of socks helped me feel the ice better and react a little better to the surface. Seems the same is true for derby. I’m spoiling the end. Not wearing socks is really not an option in my skates; the leather boot virtually guarantees that after a few practices, my skates would smell like a bag of milk left in a car trunk for a week during a heatwave. Not awesome. Nike makes little slippers. They’re nylon-thin, absorb sweat and make me feel like I’m barefoot. My skates are still new-ish, so they still nibble at my feet a little but it’s well worth it because the difference makes a couple of nips here and again seem like no big deal.

Glad I bought six pairs. Which in retrospect is sort of lame; if they’d sucked, I’d be stuck with six pairs of totally worthless garbage. Guess I was lucky. 😀


Winning socks


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