*Sobbing, choking, sputtering*

This Saturday marks our last practice until 2011. If someone could give us an arena to practice in year-round, this post would be wholly unnecessary. Given we rely on schools for space (without which we’d be toast so thank you Ottawa Carleton District School Board and Ottawa Catholic School Board for giving us a floor), we have no choice but to comply with their holiday closings, though I have considered stealing keys and holding clandestine practices: flashlights, no music and no yelling. It would be a lame practice, but at least our skates wouldn’t feel abandoned and unwanted.

Two weeks of sitting on our derrieres eating too many cookies is not terribly tragic for the derby girl. Bigger bums make for more obnoxious blockers so I’m not exactly going to suggest any serious derby athlete deprive herself of much needed nutrients from cakes and cookies. But, I will suggest continuing to exercise and train because your coaches will be merciless in 2011. With a bright new season quickly approaching, we need to be fast and fit so that we can be ruthless.

For ideas on how to keep moving this holiday season, see your coaches. We’ll tell you what you can do at home or at the gym so that your first practice next year doesn’t result in you going to your local grocery store and moving into the freezer for a few days while your muscles recover.

Happy holidays! And remember…it’s not wrong to sleep in your skates.



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