Yay Melanie Tayler!

When people read this blog, everyone wins. I wrote about how sad I was that derby was done for two weeks and when Mel read the entry, she did with her brain what I could not do with mine: she made an idea. And not only did she make an idea, she made a great one—THAT SHE SHARED—and I’m going to put it out to the rest of you: let’s meet with our ice skates.

I will:
Find a rink with a free skate slot as similar to our practice time as I can.
You will (please!) offer suggestions if you know of great rinks.
Then I’ll post the time and place.
And invite EVERYONE to come.
An insist that we all go for hot chocolate after. (And cake.)

This way, we get to skate, hang out, have some treats and get to know each other way better.

Who’s in?


P.S. Eastern Block’her is still eagerly awaiting your blog submissions, which can be sent to everythingandafter(at)yahoo.ca, and then you won’t have to read my ramblings every day. Cheers!


One thought on “Yay Melanie Tayler!

  1. Autumn says:

    GAH! Fantastic idea and I’d love to go! BUT I’m in NYC until Jan 2nd… I’ll go skating there and think of all you girls!

    Have a faboosh holiday!

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