January 29th, 2011

Skaters, Refs, Coaches:

Please note that there is an exclusion to our contract with 440 Albert Street (Ottawa Tech) for the 29th so there will be no practice on roller skates. However, practice is not cancelled. We are going to grab ice skates (beg, borrow, steal for those who don’t own a pair…anyone with extras please post size and style and connect with those in need) and practice on the canal. We can work on our derby stances. We can squat, practice speed drills and have all kinds of fun and then break for poutine.

Those of you doing the derby workout challenge (like myself) will eat poutine in a squat position to counter the effects of the fatty deliciousness that is poutine. There’s nothing that we do on roller skates that we can’t do on ice skates. And if Three Letters can knit us all CCDD toques, that would be swell. 😉

Canal, winter, ice skates, practice, fun, poutine: a recipe for awesome. And Jayna: you’ll be dressed for skiing so you have NO excuse. 🙂



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