CCDD Bonding

On a beautiful Saturday morning, a pack of CCDD skaters hit the Canal for some seriously good times. We met at Pretoria Bridge, skated up to Dow’s Lake and then back again. We worked up a great sweat, had a number laughs, heard some crazy awesome FUNdraising ideas from two amazing Freshies and enjoyed transferring our mad derby skills to the world’s longest outdoor skating “rink”. Breakfast was mowed down after and we all went home, firm in the knowledge that CCDD has an extremely bright future. Thanks to everyone for coming out and for those who couldn’t, we will be planning another outing because it was just too fun not to do again!











4 thoughts on “CCDD Bonding

  1. Autumn says:

    Fantastic that we can do this again! Hopefully my car won’t be a b**** this time!

    • Allison says:

      Dude!!! Remember the FUNdraising idea that involves throwing a party? And how I mentioned this friend of mine who I was sure would love to throw the aforementioned party? I was so right. He and his roommate (there is a third, but they are sure he won’t mind) are SO into it. I think he has it half-planned in his head already lol. I guess he used to have these epic parties at Carleton that are still talked about……anyhow, whenever it needs to happen, we have a spot that can accommodate a goodly number of people, right in a nice downtown location!!

  2. lesley says:

    You really seem to be having great fun.

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