Calling for Volunteers!

Attention Boys and Girls!

Capital City Derby Dolls is in its first year. We’re close to finalizing our travel team, we have bouts scheduled, we’re coming close to holding a few home bouts, we’ll have a fully functional website soon…there’s so much going on everyday that time just flies by. Seems like just as we’re taking off our skates, we’re putting skates on all over again!

We’ve faced so many struggles this year: finding and keeping practice space, befriending maintenance staff, getting a fully functional executive board up and running, scrounging for money, taking on two successful fresh meat recruitment campaigns, reaching out to other leagues and most importantly, trying to make a name for ourselves. With all this going on, it dawned on us that if we’re going to be holding bouts in Ottawa, we’d better get ourselves some volunteers! So, this is an official call (with more to come…and we’ll resort to begging) for CCDD volunteers.

We are looking for people to help us out with our bouts. Holding a bout is a huge endeavour. Setting stuff up, taking stuff down, MCing, keeping score, keeping track of penalties, peace and order, A/V specialists, after-party enthusiasts…if you have a talent, chances are we’d like to exploit it. If you have more time to give and have a bit of a travel bug, you can join us at our away games in pretty much the same capacity.

If volunteering sounds like something you’re up for, but you’d like to do it on skates, we are always looking for referees! Keeping derby girls in line is a tough job but if you have a bit of a skating background and love the idea of maintaining order, join the CCDD Refs, quad skates not required. You’ll learn the rules of the game, dole out penalties and eject players who break the rules too much. Our Refs will teach you everything you need to know and you’ll get plenty of reffing practice at practices.

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