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Our wonderful sponsors

This post is massively overdue. To be fair, Bust’er Up sent in in ages ago; with the flood of emails following the bout, it got caught up. Now that it has been discovered, the right thing MUST BE DONE!

On behalf of the Capital City Derby Dolls, I would like to thank  all of you for making our Cherry Poppin’ Bout on April 30, 2011, a huge success.  Without the efforts of our league members, our volunteers, our opponent—the Limestone CrusHers—our sponsors and our fans, this event would not have been the success it was.

From a personal perspective, I was involved in some of the organization of the bout.  It was my first time undertaking a task of this magnitude, and I had no idea how it would go.  In fact, until I skated out onto the track and looked to the stands, I didn’t know if ANYONE would even come.  But when I cast my eyes out into the crowd, I was shocked.  There actually was a crowd.

The suicide seats were packed, the stands were full, the refs were ready, the skaters were ready, the scoreboard was lit up, the music was pumping, there was a line up at the bar, and we were ready to go.

So thank you.  If you laced up on April 30th, if you volunteered your time and/or your skill, if you bought a ticket and came to watch, if you had fun, if you cheered…thank you.

The bout itself went by in a blur.  We won 228-103.  We had a great time, no one was injured and we can now proudly say that we have all had our derby cherries popped.

Bust’er Up  #25 (and holding)