A Million Thanks…

This past weekend represented a huge step for the CCDD’s travel team, the Dolly Rogers. We drove/flew to Moncton to play in a tournament against teams we knew very little about. The only thing we knew going into it is that all the leagues there had been together two years or less so theoretically, it was a competitive stage.

The reality of the situation is that it was a fiercely competitive stage. We watched our eventual  opponents play and were overwhelmed by how solid all the teams were.  Every team we faced was stacked with girls who could skate fast, hit hard and could work as a single unit, which is something we’ve struggled with since we put this team together.

Well, I’d say we’ve left that behind us now.

In our second game, we were down 28-47 with just under 6 min. to go. In that time, we managed to come together and double our points while only letting the other team score  5 more points. 56-52 was the final score and represented a huge turning point for the Dolly Rogers altogether. There were no more nail biting scores. Every time we hit the track, we played to win and instead of waiting until the last five minutes to pull it together, we did it from the first jam.

What was accomplished this weekend was amazing. The Muddy River Rollers put on a great tournament. They were warm, welcoming and organized an unforgettable event. All the teams that we met were full of amazing girls who brought out the best in all our skaters. The refs, the NSOs never once crumbled under the pressure and our own refs are so grateful for the experience they got this past weekend. It will improve our events and raise our overall level of play.

I’ve never been more proud of anything in my life. I look at all the skaters in CCDD and I’m speechless in the face of the progress each member has made. I’ve watched each of them overcome their own fears, I’ve watched them step outside of themselves and reach for new heights, and I’ve watched people develop real friendships, based on more than just having derby in common. I’ve also watched the coaching staff grow and develop. Mike deserves an extra special and gigantic thank you for the time and effort he puts into this league. He coaches us, he manages our bench during bouts and he takes endless girly stuff in stride. Mike is making players of each and every one of us.

I’ve had the privilege and the honour of being the captain of the travel team and after every game, I have to suppress the urge to cry and smother the girls with hugs and kisses, which was especially hard this past Saturday. We won all our games. And we did it together and I had to keep myself on the bench to stop myself from throwing myself at each and every one of them.

If the commitment demonstrated by the girls that went down, those who stayed home and cheered us on, and the refs that devoured this learning experience is any indicator of this league’s future, then I’d say this is the beginning of something amazing. The last year has been full of the typical ups and downs that come with building anything from the ground up. Now, there’s a sense of what needs to be done and it’s all come together so well. This weekend showed us that we’ve conquered the greatest hurdles and that we’ve learned from everything.

CCDD will soon be heading into its second year. Seeing how this year was epic, I can’t even begin to imagine what our second year has in store for us.




6 thoughts on “A Million Thanks…

  1. Natalie says:

    Didn’t get to play you guys ( Loose N Lawless from Fredericton’s Capital City Rollers) but LOVED watching you guys play! So happy to have you in Moncton for the weekend! Glad you all made it back safe. Already looking forward to next year.

  2. Emily says:

    Really enjoyed watching you girls play!! I was learning the penalty box business, so I had the chance to see you guys up close (and learn from you as well!)! Way to go!! Hope to see you back in Moncton again!

    Emily (Em Jekill)
    Dieppe Roller Derby

    • We will SOOOO be back. It was so much fun. We can’t even begin to describe how much we learned, how far we still have to go…but knowing that there are so many awesome leagues to draw from is what makes us so happy to be on this journey.

  3. Floor Play says:

    Loved having you in Moncton…and you’re absolutely right…this is the start of a beautiful derby tradition. GREAT JOB GIRLS!!!

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