What the what?
Capital City Derby Dolls came into existence almost one year ago and it’s been a hell of a year. Two waves of fresh meat, a competitive season that took the derby world by surprise, a series of unbelievable personal and team accomplishments, a coaching staff that goes above and beyond, a first-class ref crew and possibly the best non-skating officials (NSO) a league could possibly ask for.

We’re in the throes of our third fresh meat event. So many new faces to get to know and so many questions to answer. And it suddenly occurred to me that derby tends to be a bit mysterious and there’s no reason for that. So here’s the picture of derby in Ottawa:

Who are we?
We are the Capital City Derby Dolls (CCDD). We are one of three derby leagues in Ottawa. Each league offers something different, operates in its own unique way and offers potential skaters the opportunity to play derby in some capacity.

CCDD derby
We offer skaters the opportunity to pursue derby in a competitive manner while also recognizing that many people would like to play the sport without competing for a mythical Olympic team. Skaters wishing to skate competitively are held to a different standard than those wishing to skate in our house league.

Competitive derby
CCDD has one competitive team, the Dolly Rogers. The Dolly Rogers represent CCDD’s strongest skaters, who are also able to commit to more practice time, spend time outside of practice working on strength and endurance, who commit to attending 75% of practices and all home and away games. CCDD’s goal is to improve training for all skaters by bringing in coaches to work on skating skills and sharpen skaters’ knowledge of the game.

This season was full of unexpected success. The Dolly Rogers lost just one game in Syracuse as part of their regular season. They beat more seasoned and experienced teams and came back from a tournament in Eastern Canada undefeated. The Dolly Rogers are going to hit the ground rolling and are reaching higher for next season, with plans to challenge other leagues’ A teams.

For those wanting to join CCDD, a spot on the travel team is a definite possibility. With the rules allowing for a roster of 20 skaters, there is always room for committed, hard-working skaters.


Dolly Rogers in Watertown

House league
For those seeking the excitement of derby but who don’t want to spend hours and hours scrimmaging and training, there’s a house league option. All skaters skate on a house league team. We don’t just run random scrimmages: house league members belong to a team, have a team name and play once a month, April-August, during a regular practice slot, with refs and NSOs. These bouts will be open to the public and friends and family are encouraged to come and cheer. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to play this sport.

Regardless of your background, CCDD works with you to ensure your goals are met. Whether you want to get in shape, play some derby and have a great time, or train hardcore, travel, and knockabitchdown, CCDD will give you the chance to play this amazing sport. Click here for details on joining.

Give us a shot. Be a part of something special and unique. Make new friends. Laugh, cry, show off your bruises and help make derby extraordinary.

Delicate Plow’her


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