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CCDD’s First Steps—Perspective

It was about this time a year ago that CCDD was taking its first steps. It was a strange time and I never once imagined that a year later, things would be the way they are. Those who founded this league rarely discuss the struggles we faced when we first started, and the continuous hurdles we had to keep jumping over in the first few months, because we wanted to leave things behind and we wanted to focus on a clear future. Now that the future is bright and things are well on their way, I wanted to say thanks to all the members of CCDD for taking a chance on something completely new, for putting their faith and trust into people who were figuring things out for the first time, and for helping to build what we have today.

Once more and never again: CCDD is the brainchild of skaters who were in a league they weren’t happy in. The choice was to join another league or start their own. Joining another league meant accepting the possibility that they wouldn’t be able to skate together so the choice was clear. I can only speak for myself here, because this move affected each of us differently. The separation was not pretty; many break-ups are bad and this one was no exception. But that’s what happens when there’s a lot of love but little understanding of needs. And just when I thought it was over, a new set of struggles developed and they were extremely hard to cope with because they were much more personal. But like all things, that passed as well and the only way left was forward. So on we went, mostly guessing and so many wonderful things happened along the way that at this point, I can’t help but wonder if there’s someone looking out for us.

Some strong coaching came forward. Fresh Meat revealed a group of extremely talented people, who roped in their friends and partners and threw themselves into something that had not yet proven itself. Members took on roles and responsibilities with little guidance and committed themselves to this league in a way that blew my mind daily. Everyone who has anything to do with CCDD contributed to all the great times we had and helped us out of every jam we got into. At our end-of-year party, I was a sac of tears, a red face and a trembling pile of silly girl because every time I looked around the room, I was staring at each and every single reason I’m such a happy person.

At last night’s practice, I was chatting with Francey Pants and she made some comments regarding our first season that really put things into perspective for me. She didn’t tell me anything “new”…but she did sort of enforce this need I have to spill my guts out in such a public manner. We’re a first year league/team. We lost ONE game this season (minus that little humiliation in Beachburg…but given we played a WFTDA-ranked team, I’m not too choked up about it). Francey Pants said that teams who win games in their first year are aliens. We reached up. We played teams with more experience and we proved that not only are we developing the right skills, but that we can play together. The sheer number of people who showed up to our open houses is a testament to the fact that we’re on the right track.  All the skaters, coaches, refs, NSOs,  husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, partners, BFFs, and friends that are here for every step of this journey are proof that this is quite literally, the greatest thing I’ve ever had a hand in. To all those people, I would like to say: from the very bottom of my heart, thank you. None of this would be possible without you, without what you do and how you do it. I am so lucky to be surrounded by such great people, who make this whole experience so fulfilling and so rewarding. You are the reasons I’m so excited about the future and why today is always the greatest day of my life.


Delicate “Emotional Basket Case” Plow’her