Learning to Roller Skate

You want to play derby, but you don’t know how to skate. You want to try out for a team, but you don’t know how to find one. You like the idea of derby, but you don’t know if it’s the right thing for you. You don’t care about roller derby, but you think roller skating is wickedawesome compared to roller blading, but you don’t know where you can learn.

Enter CCDD’s Learn to Skate Program, the answer to all things roller skate-related.

CCDD has created a 12-week program designed to give you the fundamental basics required to skate and look like you know exactly what you’re doing. Even though the program is targeted at derby hopefuls, derby girls need to know how to skate so despite the derby feel to everything, the program focuses on helping would-be skaters become skaters. This means that even if derby isn’t in your future, you can still take part in the program and skate away in 12 weeks, stronger and more confident. Our doors are open to all derby hopefuls, to all who gain some basic skating skills and to those just looking for a fun new way of getting valuable exercise when it’s too cold to wear shorts outside. We promise a fun, friendly atmosphere, and we commit to helping you every step of the way.

Program details:

Cost: $150

Quad skate rental: $10/month

Quad skate deposit: $50

Insurance: $30 (it’s mandatory…we can’t legally run this program without it *sigh*)

Dates: March 3–May 26

Drop date: March 17 ($120 refund provided)

Those who choose to join CCDD: full members pay $50 per year in insurance, so you will only have to pay $20 to be insured until December 31. Dues are $150 every three months. Quad skate rental is $10 per month. When you purchase skates, your skate rental deposit may be applied to your quarterly dues.

Don’t delay! Sign up today.



One thought on “Learning to Roller Skate

  1. Dear CCDD,
    My name is Rachel. I really, really want to join the learn to skate for Roller Derby so that I can try out for the team. My friend Meaghan Peer is in the program and it’s really peaked my interest. I was the girl who always wanted to play football, but could never find an outlet.
    I know I’m three lessons late to the training right now, but I would love to hear from someone and see if I can sneak in and catch up. I roller skated through my teenage years and probably wouldn’t have a hard time catching up. In fact, I can’t really in-line blade, I ONLY know skates.
    Hoping to hear if I can come by and start catching up,

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