What am I going to do this weekend?

This. You’re going to do this:


You’re going to do this for many wonderful reasons.

1. It’s an inexpensive night out.

2. You’re supporting local athletes.

3. The beer is cheap. It’s Beau’s. And can be expensive. It’s not. We’re awesome like that.

4. You can sit right by the track and risk having someone thrown into your lap.

5. If you have kids, you can bring them.

6. The parking is free.

7. There’s music, we have a great announcer and there’s a happy buzz all night long.

8. You can sample the AH-MAY-ZING SuzieQ Doughnuts. They’re gourmet. Your friends will be jealous. Don’t let that happen. Bring your friends.

9. It’s roller derby. Once you get how it’s done, it’s the greatest thing you’ve ever seen. You can’t even imagine your life without it. So don’t deprive yourself. Buy tickets.

10. It’s Delicate Plow’her’s birthday. Well, that’s on Sunday, but once the after party’s in full swing, which is at the Burbs Pub and Eatery, it’ll be her birthday. It’s a bout, an afterparty and a birthday party rolled into one fabulous night out.

So there you have it. Your plans are made. Your Saturday night is going to be filled with wonder. And, in the event you’re at work and don’t have much to do right now, please feel free to check out the following:

www.capitalcityderbydolls.com (for general info and tickets)

https://www.facebook.com/CapitalCityDerbyDolls (for pictures and silliness)

@CCDerbyDolls (to talk to us)

See you this Saturday!

xo Plow’her

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