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End of Year PARTY!

On Saturday night the Capital City Derby Dolls got together to celebrate the end of our 2012 season. We dined, we drank, and we gave out some very important awards. Here’s what went down.

Hairy White was awarded the best trophy maker award.  If you haven’t seen his work, it truly is incredible. He made all of our trophies this year, and we thanked him with this piece of crap art.











Coach Red got a mushy letter and a cheque as thanks for EVERYTHING he does for the league. The Dolly Rogers are currently ranked 14th in Canada, and it’s all because of his hard work and dedication to the league. While he’s lucky to have such great talent to work with (*cough*), he has one of the hardest jobs this league begs anyone to do. Speaking of which, if you want to coach, we’ll be looking to fill some openings for our next season. Be prepared to be yelled at while also being loved to death.

We said thank you to our top volunteers (Alpha Blocker’s daughters), the lovely Hannah and and the equally lovely Sarah. We can’t find enough ways to show our appreciation for these incredible young women for everything they do for us. If you see them manning our merch table next year, please say thank you…and then buy a t-shirt or 2.

As has become a tradition, given we did it for a second year in a row, here’s the list of CCDD awards!

LOUDMOUTH of the year: Ruby Wreckage

Heaviest Hitter: Whips N. Chaynes (sLamb!)

Most Versatile Player: Violently Jill

Exceptional Jammer: The Hamburgler (Sneaky Dekey)

Most Improved: Nina Nails (bLamb!)

Most Sportsmanlike: sMel

Most Underrated: sMel

Quen of the Afterparty: LOB

Most Bionic: Bust’er Up

Best Derby Kiss: Bust’er Up

Rookie of the Year: Elizabeth Berserkly

Best in Stripes: Hairy White

Best Attendance: Ruby Wreckage

Our final award was Best Knockabitchdown Face, which wound up in a tie after league votes. After a KABD face-off between Deanna Destroi and Whips N. Chaynes, the crowd was wowed by Deanna’s KABD face.

We couldn’t end the awards ceremony without thanking our refs, NSOs, volunteers, friends and family and the Board. Our refs put up with a lot. We had a lot of games, we had a lot of scrimmages, and we demanded they be there for everything. The great things about CCDD refs is that they seem to love setting us straight, so they came to everything and worked their asses off. We are eternally grateful for all they do, even though we thank them by squinting at them and making Voodoo dolls. Special thanks to Josh, who is both a player and a fine head ref.

NSOs, friends of derby and derby family: we can’t do what we do without you. You sell our merch, you track our stats, you work our games, and you buy beer. You ask for nothing but a good time and if people in the world were as uncomplicated as our amazing entourage, there’d be far fewer problems out there.

To the members of the Board: you work quietly and diligently, while maintaining full time jobs and remain committed to all practices. Thanks for finding practice space, keeping our ducks in a row, minding the members and the membership, getting programs off the ground, getting people interested in derby, keeping in touch with the world, keeping in touch with players…the list goes on. You know it, you do it. Yay.

With our Learn 2 Skate program well under way, we are super psyched for the upcoming year. We get such joy out of sharing the derby love in Ottawa and around the world, and we are so thankful to everyone who’s come through our doors. If you came to one of our bouts, tried on a pair of skates at one of our open houses or Learn 2 Skate programs, liked us on Facebook, followed us on Twitter, checked out our website ( or read our blog ( we’d like to say thank you. The new season will be upon us before we even know it. The one thing you can say about derby: it takes up such real estate that you fail to notice how long winter drags. One minute the season is winding down, the next minute, it’s starting back up again and you’re freaking out because you’re not ready.

Derby love to all.

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