Canadian Power Rankings: June 1, 2013 (Second Quarter)

CCDD’s Dolly Rogers (DRs) are into their third travel season. The beginning of the season kind of snuck up on the league’s travel team, and after a bit of a stumble, the DRs are definitely hitting their stride. The tremendous efforts made by this team have not gone unnoticed; check out the Derby Nerd’s Second Quarter Power rankings. Listed as a team to watch has lit a fire under the DRs’ asses. While this team has always worked really hard, it wants to make sure its earned this mention.

The DRs will be facing Guelph’s Brute-Leggers on June 15. Last season, the DRs lost to them by 11 points at RDAC’s Eastern Tournament. They’ll definitely be looking for a different result this time around.

The Derby Nerd

Canadian Power Rankings: June 1st, 2013 (Second Quarter)

1. New Skids on the Block (Montreal Roller Derby)NewSkidsLogo2012 Still the best until someone can knock them off, and while CN Power pushed them to the limit in Montreal, the Skids put in strong performances in losses to Bay Area and Philly, and managed a big win over Santa Cruz. They also climbed two spots in the latest WFTDA rankings. (1 / 15).
2. Terminal City All Stars (Terminal City Roller Girls)Terminal City All Stars Terminal City clings to second spot despite slipping down into  WFTDA’s Division 2. Strong showings in losses to higher ranked Victorian and Sacred City allow them to hold their spot, despite the big loss to London and a so-so win over Silicon Valley. (3 / 43).
3. CN Power (Toronto Roller Derby)CN Power Logo CN…

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