CCDD’s First Black & White Scrimmage of the Season

Get ready for June 23rd. CCDD is excited about the first Black and White Scrimmage of the 2013 season. Booty blocks? Check. Hip checks? Check! Lots of knocking a bitch down? Double check!!

What’s a Black and White you ask?

It’s a good old-fashioned scrimmage. Skaters from our league and various other leagues in the region get mashed together and form two teams (a black team and a white team, as the event name so cleverly suggests) and play against each other. Less formal than an actual bout, but not quite as informal as a practice scrimmage. It will be an exciting night of flat track roller derby. Tell everyone you know (e.g., your family, your neighbours, your coworkers, the people at your bus stop) because spectators can come to watch for free!

Did you seriously say it’s be FREE?

Why, yes, I did. Friends, family, and random members of the community are welcome to watch roller derby in action for FREE! Come support your loved ones, your friends, and your community. Come and see what roller derby is all about. I mean, it is the fastest growing sport in the world. Who wouldn’t you want to be part that?

Who will be playing in this Black & White Scrimmage?

CCDD Black & Whites are all about providing an opportunity for newer or less experienced skaters to get some real bouting experience. They are very eager to knock some bitches down, and we can’t wait to watch them do it.

Also, don’t miss out on catching the MEN of CCDD (real men play with dolls…it’s a thing) hit the track as well. Playing in lines consisting only of men and playing against other men’s lines, the wicked awesome dudes of the Slaughter Squad and other nearby teams will be hitting the track, kicking ass, and taking names, especially the names of guys who want to join…

These are some exciting times at CCDD; don’t miss out on all the fun! For more info on the June 23rd Black & White (including to sign up as a skater or a volunteer!), don’t hesitate to contact the Black and White Committee at For additional information about the CCDD (including upcoming official bouts, volunteering, or putting on skates and joining the league!), check out the website at

Black & White Scrimmage

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Bell Centennial Arena

50 Cedarview Road

6:30 p.m.

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3 thoughts on “CCDD’s First Black & White Scrimmage of the Season

  1. Danielle says:

    Forgive me if I missed it, but where is it taking place? I would LOVE to come watch!

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