Player Profile: 100% Alhurta BEEF

Please state your name and number, for the record.
My derby name and number: Alhurta Beef 100

And where were you every Thursday and Saturday for the past YEARS?
Practising and playing with the Dolly Rogers.

And why exactly were you doing that?
I started playing when I first moved to Ottawa. I was looking for people to connect with, I went to a derby game and realized I found my people. I joined fresh meet the next week.

And why do you keep playing?
Because… It’s the fucking BOOMB! I can be me, it’s so inclusive and people are encouraged to be unique, weird whatever they want to be. I also like being a part of the evolution of a relatively new sport.

What’s is your favourite personal moment?
Getting MVP Jammer in Moncton.

Why roller derby?
It challenges me in every way and now I have this awesome new family and obsession.

Alhurta Beef is DA BOMB. She plays competitive and house league derby, eats great big salads, and is responsible for the increased population of muscle roller sticks and balls that have become somewhat commonplace at practices, scrimmages, and games. 


Kaitrin pic derby 1


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