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Name and number: CHANEY—aka Slam—1093

Position: BLOCKER

Does your derby number mean anything? 10-93 is an emergency ten-code in many jurisdictions in Canada for a road block. I endeavor to always be that road block.

Likes: True Crime. Pickles. Cooking. Avacados.

Dislikes: Liars. Cauliflower. Carbonated alcohol. Massages.

Why did you join roller derby? I joined roller derby in 2011. Blam, my sister (in-law, if I must be factual) began her recruitment campaign. She insisted for over a year that I was missing this something in my life, that roller derby was amazing and that I “was made for roller derby.” I came to her home bout. I sat in suicide seating. I watched. I liked what I saw. I liked contact. I liked strategy. I just liked. I knew it was for me.

Slam blam

How do you train? I focus on complementary muscles and strength building. I also have spent considerable time over the last year focusing on mental-health training and stress release. I play from a stress place at times so I just work on better ways of executing the various demands. I have also been playing a lot with my COG (center of gravity) on the track and its effectiveness as it relates to my blocking.

Favourite derby moment: When I personally experience (or see someone else) achieve a personal milestone like 30/5 or taking down someone of a threat. This is also why I’m not a good NSO. I can’t not cheer for people.  Also, when I first hit the track in my skates. Every time.

When I’m not playing derby: I spend as much time as possible with my beautiful husband and son.

Pre-game ritual: I take my skates apart and clean them. Every time. I also polish my skates. It feels hardcore. I like to think other people look at skates all the time like I do – and they think I’m a rookie. Then they learn.

What about gear: I love my matte black S1 helmet. I’m particular about my K2 wrist guards and my discontinued, hard-as-hell to find motel knee pads. I wear Triple Eight elbow pads and always the cheese-grater mouth guard.  

Is there anything unusual about your gameplay: I find I watch people’s skates all the time. How the two lines form, how a jammer starts at the whistle…it is actually fascinating and quite predictive. We are where we are rooted from.

Is there anything you want [non-derby] people need to know about derby: Please don’t ask me to explain the rules any more. It is just SO much easier if you come and watch. You will understand. You will appreciate. You will be in awe. And I can just go about my way…being derby. 



tank 1

Tank is a tremendous asset as a player and as a league member. A fierce competitor and a “roll” model athlete, Tank makes people want to be better. To support Tank’s journey as a Dolly Roger, please visit the Dolly Rogers’ gofundme page or keep an eye on the team’s schedule this season. Coming out to games is the best support we could ask for!

Name and number: Tank, 7

Why: During fresh meat and my first few Dolly Roger’s practices I wore this

ridiculous Boeri ski helmet from the 80s. Whips and Chaynes said I looked like Tank

Girl and it stuck. I loved the idea of being given a name rather than choosing one.

Likes: hummus, proving that size doesn’t matter, post game beer, anything agility

Dislikes: going slow, Chinese food

Why did you join roller derby: I grew up playing competitive soccer and hockey

from an early age and was fortunate enough to receive a scholarship to boarding

school in Connecticut to finish high school and play sports. I really knew little else

but team life, camaraderie, training, and hard work until I said goodbye to team

sports after a year of lacrosse in college. Ten years and many miles travelled later, I

found myself back in Ottawa itching to be part of a team again and wanting a new

challenge. My wife encouraged me to give it a try and I can still remember grinning

like crazy at that Open House four years ago when I was skating around. I had found

just what I was looking for. It felt amazingly familiar yet new and exciting and

everyone was ridiculously welcoming.

How do you train: I don’t love traditional gyms. I’m a huge fan of plyometrics, HIIT

(high intensity interval training), tabata, interval running and yoga. I train fast and

hard focusing on speed, agility, and bursts of power. Small but mighty!


Why do you keep playing: I absolutely love team sports and the idea of different

people coming together to achieve a common goal. The camaraderie is great. This

sport allows me to embrace my competitiveness and also pushes me physically and

mentally to be the best athlete I can be. It’s inclusive and revolutionary and amazing

to be a part of.

Favorite derby moment: Beating the Montreal Sexpos this season because it was

great to see our hard work as Dolly Rogers pay off, and playing in the Team Canada

tryout scrimmage because it was a great learning opportunity and I felt honoured to

be on the track with Canada’s finest.

When I’m not playing derby: I love my team and this game but think balance is

important for my mental game. When I’m not practicing, playing, coaching the

Bacon Pirates or training, I’m hiking in the woods with my wife and crazy boxer,

eating delicious food, spending time with my nieces, planning my next adventure,

and studying/training to become a firefighter.

Pre-game ritual: I like to sleep in a bit and then go on a nice long walk with my dog

and wife. It gets my legs going and clears my mind. I do some yoga and stretching

and take my time packing my gear bag (I have to have the right socks). I drink coffee,

lots of water, and usually eat a sandwich. I can get worked up quickly so I try to stay

calm and mellow at the rink. And I always put my jersey on at the last second – game


What about gear: I’ve gone through a number of different skates. I have small feet

and tiny ankles and found it hard to find the perfect boot that wasn’t a hockey skate.

I skate on Antiks right now and I like them, but am still looking for that perfect boot.

I use Prodesigned kneepads,a Bauer hockey helmet, and the rest is Atom gear. As

Dawn Cherry knows, I’m still looking for the tiniest slimmest kneepad!

How has derby affected the way you live your life: At 31 I didn’t think I would be in

better shape than my 19 year old self. This game makes me want to be healthier and

stronger. I’m also learning how to curb my performance anger, something I never

addressed as a younger athlete, so I can be the best teammate I can be.


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Player Profile: Buffy Slay’her

Derby Name: Buffy Slay’her

Number: 97


 Is there any significance in your name?

I have been a huge fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer since I was a teenager. As I grew up watching the episodes and reading the books and comics, I saw so much of myself in all of the characters. When I found out that I got to pick my own alter-ego for derby, it was a no brainer to pay tribute to my favourite slayer. Also, I’ve been told that I’m kind of buff.

Which teams do you play for?

I am the captain of my house league team, the Bacon Pirates, and co-captain of CCDD’s WFTDA charter team, the Dolly Rogers.

Do you have any favourite positions?

When I first started playing derby, I jammed and blocked equally because I wanted to learn EVERYTHING! However, my skillset was really geared toward blocking so I’ve spent the last two seasons refining those skills. Now, I love playing as pivot because I can be a powerful blocking machine and still occasionally put those jamming skills to good use.

When did you start playing?

It sounds cliché but my interest in derby started in 2010 after I watched Whip It. I saw that movie and wondered “is this a real thing?” After a lot of Google-ing I found out that (yes!) it was a real thing and (awesome!) that it was happening here in Ottawa. It took me almost two years to actually get out to watch a bout, but when I finally did I instantly knew that I needed this sport in my life.


I had always played team sports (soccer, rowing, field hockey, and rugby) but when I saw my first derby bout, I had shifted to rock climbing/bouldering and had been competing in that for several years. Participating in a mostly solo sport, I was really missing that feeling of being part of a team. When I watched that first bout, not only was I blown away by the athleticism of roller derby, but I was completely drawn in by the comradery that I saw.

Were you scared?

Incredibly! At age 27 I was anxious that I was too old to start playing such a demanding sport, especially one that I had never played and barely understood. Also, I hadn’t skated since I was a kid! But as soon as I put on my skates for the first time, all of that anxiety went away. For me, it was love at first practice.

Do you have a favourite personal moment?

I try to stay humble, but anytime that I’ve been recognized for an outstanding performance by being awarded game MVP or team MVP has felt really special. If I had to narrow it down though, I’d say it’s a two-parter: the Dolly Rogers winning their first WFTDA sanctioned game this past February and me being named MVP blocker for that game.

Finally, what keeps you playing derby?

I may have always been active, but roller derby has made me an athlete. I’m entering my fourth season and already I’ve seen gameplay change and evolve so much. My teammates and I constantly have to challenge ourselves at practice and in our training in order to meet the growing level of competition. It is an incredibly addictive challenge!

Come see BUFFY in action this Sunday:

You can help the Dolly Rogers pursue their goals of shattering the Canadian roller derby scene by making a donation here: Buffy thanks you big time.