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Double C to the double D…we be rollin’ in the 613

CCDD is getting their third bouting season under way. We’ve grown so much over the past few years, and we’re incredibly excited about the future.

In addition to the Dolly Rogers and their plot for world domination, we’re announcing our newest team, the Dollinquents, who will be hitting the track in June for a few away games in the neighbourhood. They’ll be bouting at home in August and September, so make sure to check out our schedule.  You do not want to miss any of it.

CCDD's newest team! Welcome to the family!

CCDD’s newest team! Welcome to the family!


We’ve also got a whole bunch of amazing new sponsors. Have you been to our website or our facebook page lately? Did you notice that you can now buy merch and bout tickets? That’s all because of Shopify. Have you seen the Dolly Rogers’ new S-One Lifer helmets? We’re taking our sponsor with us wherever we go!

Burbs Pub & Eatery

When we’re in Kanata, our favourite place to hang out is The Burbs on Hazeldean.  You can often find us hanging out there after practice, having a pint of local Beau’s Beer and some yummy snacks.  They’re also super at catering to the vegans in our league. If you want a salad wrap with guacamole, with a side salad, also with guacamole, they will do it for you. Because they’re just that awesome. You should give them a visit.  Tell ‘em we sent you!


We’ve also just found a new hangout in the market. Fatboys Southern Smokehouse on Murray Street has great bbq and live music on Saturday nights. We’ll be bringing our after bout parties there in June and July, if you need a ringing endorsement.

Capital City Derby Dolls are still dedicated to developing new skaters and keeping an active house league program. We’ve got in-house scrimmages planned for June, August, and September. Keep an eye on our facebook page for an invitation to come and watch your favourite new skaters KABD.

We couldn’t have done it without our fans, our friends, our skaters and our sponsors. Sponsors like Michael Lewicki, Hedges Sutherland Law Firm, Boxall Heating (, Bigger Beards for Brighter Tomorrows, and Neon Skates have been there for us since day 1 and we can’t find enough ways to say thank you to them.

We hope to see you at our home opener on Saturday at Jack Charron Arena in Kanata. You can buy tickets online at!

Carpe Beardem

Hedges and Sutherland

Michael Lewicki S-ONE

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Volunteering is Dirty Work

Bust’er (Beauty) and Plow’her (The Beast)

You may have seen (or heard) some of CCDD’s finest at Beau’s Oktoberfest in Vankleek Hill on Saturday, September 29th.  We were the ones in green, soaking wet from head to toe, and randomly yelling “inside line” for no apparent reason.

We ended up in that field, under a tent, an hour from home because our sponsors, Beau’s Beer, asked us to.  They have stood behind us for 2 years now and when they asked for 10 willing and able bodies for 6 hours on Saturday, of course we said yes!

We showed up having no idea what we were in for.  When we checked in at the “volunbeer” desk (how amazing is that!), we were told that we’d all be working the Eco Wash station.  I’m sure that everyone could see our faces fall when we learned that our fate was 6 hours of washing dishes. BUT, we reminded ourselves that at least we’d all be together.

It turned into the most fun you could have in a field, under a tent, elbow deep in sudsy water (or even worse if you were on the pre-wash station).  Our Beau’s co-ordinator, Lyndell, was amazing.  She assured us that we would be well cared for, that the beer would flow like dishwater, and that we would be well fed by the food vendors.

The things we’ll do for one another…

She was true to her word.   Flats of Lug Tread, Weis o’Lantern, and a delicious cider were delivered and devoured with incredible frequency.  Pretzels and tacos and chilli kept us warm and full.  We had fun.  The kind of fun you can only have when doing dirty work in the great outdoors with your friends and teammates.

We yelled and danced for no reason.  Occasionally, we might have been louder than the band.  Random strangers rolled up their sleeves and worked alongside us, not because we were short-handed, but because we looked like such incredible fun to be around.

I’d like to show you a whole bunch of pictures of our silly foolish dish washing madness, but our hands were too wet and dirty to take the photos.  Here are a few that we did manage to take before plunging back into the brackish depths.


Being awesome is hard work

My back is sore, my shins are bruised from tripping over buckets of dishes, and I have a welt on my backside where someone whacked me with a wet towel, but if Beau’s Beer asks us to come back next year, I’ll answer with a resounding YES!

Special thanks to Delicate Plow’her, Nina Nails, Hairy White, Numerat’er, Mel, Ha Lou Ween, Rick, Wry and Ginger, Elizabeth Berzerkley, and Ruby Wreckage for rolling up their sleeves and getting dirty at Oktoberfest with me.

They even had food for those crazy…vegans.

Taking a silly break.














Bust’er Up

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Fresh and Furious: GTA Drift

Last Friday afternoon, I hopped in a car with 3 girls in the first steps of an adventurous weekend where we would stare unknown competition in the face—we were on our way to a Fresh Meat tournament in Toronto. Little did I know that I would have so much fun, learn so many new things, meet so many great people and see so much fantastic roller derby!

I was travelling with Wry and Ginger, Sugar and Spite, and Tarawatt, and the general consensus was that we were crazy nervous and a little bit scared…but we were confident. The Dolls and our coaching staff have been training us, working us out, and strategizing with us for months, so we felt like we had the knowledge and training to get out there and give the other teams a run for their money.

If there was a theme to the weekend (other than the tournament theme), it was probably “Find Out How Much You Can Sweat!” It was hot and sunny outside and sweltering indoors. Just standing still indoors made me sweat from places that I didn’t know could sweat…gross but educational. After a quick warm-up and stretch outside, we made our way inside to gear up and pump ourselves up for our first game. At the tournament, our games would only be 20 minutes long each, so we knew we had to be quick and efficient in each jam.

The first game was a blur. We were evenly matched with the GTA Debutantes and we only collected a few trips to the penalty box. The second to last jam was a big point scorer for the Debutantes and we were 17 points behind going into what would be the final jam…we had to pull off something big to win. Before the last jam, I remember hearing the commentator telling the crowd, “Just one jam can change the whole game. It’s not over yet.” Early in the jam, the Debutantes jammer pulled a penalty, putting us in a power jam situation. Perfect! Immediately our Dolls clicked in to strategy mode and started ducking like nobody’s business. Our jammer, Angel Poison, took advantage and sped around the track, racking up an amazing 19 points, winning the game by a 2-point margin! Our entire team smothered Angel with hugs and sweat. We took our victory lap with pride and thanked the Debutantes for a nail-biting game.

Winning this game gave us a ranking of 7th out of the 14 teams who were competing that day and ensured that we would be up against another Toronto team—the TORD D-VAS—later that afternoon. At this point, we knew what winning felt like and we wanted to feel that way again. Getting ready for our second game, we re-outfitted ourselves in our still soaking wet sweaty gear and headed out to the track.

Our second game started out well. We scored a few points and the D-VAS scored a few, but again it felt fairly equal and both teams seemed to be fighting just as much to score and keep the other team from scoring. About 7 minutes in, our blockers started to generate penalties…lots of them. We were consistently short-handed on the track and the D-VAS took every opportunity that we unfortunately gave them. The D-VAS had two incredible jams when we were short-handed on blockers and our jammers just couldn’t get past their solid walls. We continued to fight as hard as we could, but in the end, the D-VAS claimed their victory lap with a score of 69-10. Heading off to our dressing room, one of the D-VAS complimented us on our skills, telling us that our score did not reflect the effort that we put in. Of course we were disappointed that we had lost during an elimination round, but it was also clear on where we had gone wrong during the game and what we needed to do to improve for the future.

After a quick shower and bite to eat, we made our way back to the arena to check out the merch tables and take in some of the final games. Some of the fresh meat talent was incredible to watch. Montreal and Guelph specifically had a very high level of talent on their teams and were impressive to watch and learn from.

Playing with teams that we didn’t know was incredibly enlightening for me.  It allowed us to learn about new strategies and to play against people who had hidden strengths and weaknesses.

Coming back to town with this experience makes me incredibly excited to continue training with CCDD. I’m looking forward to pushing myself further and learning more strategy to improve not only my personal performance, but to improve our team effectiveness (especially when faced with challenges on the track).

Thanks to everyone who made this weekend what it was—the tournament organizers, our coaches, the Kingston girls who we combined with to complete our roster, the other Fresh Meat we met up with—and a huge thank you to our supporters at CCDD. Thank you for training us, coaching us, sending us your well wishes and congrats, and offering up some tournament insight. We hope that we made you proud as we represented CCDD in the big city. 🙂

Jen “Elizabeth Berserkley” Jarvis


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Derby Blow-outs

They totally happen.

The Dolly Rogers were on the other side of a blow-out at the end of last season. The experience was mostly humbling. We were finishing an extraordinary first season and frankly, we needed to learn a little lesson. Getting that badly beaten showed us that not only was it important to consider what we’d achieved all season, but that we needed to establish some goals based on what are truly endless possibilities. Witnessing some of those possibilities helped us gain a lot of focus, which brought new meaning to our winter training. But this is derby. And the sport is still in its infancy. And the tools that track what teams are doing are still rudimentary. There are no divisions, no classes, no in-depth rankings and no standard training approaches. It’s not for a lack of effort; there are lots of amazing people out there, painstakingly tracking games, scores, trying to centralize information and attempting to develop more sophisticated means of painting a clearer picture of the derby scene. But despite all the work, there are still mismatches. As much as these mismatches are great for teams, they’re not so amazing for the spectator. And because we depend so heavily on revenue from games to bring us through our winter training, we’re not exactly in a position to mess with spectators. So when we plan our season, we try to schedule close games.

Enter our inter-league liaison, Eastern Block’her. She has a tough job. She’s responsible for finding teams willing to travel to Ottawa. She starts this in January, because that’s when we apply to the City of Ottawa for space. Ottawa typically doesn’t get back to us until April so Eastern has to balance the teams willing to come to Ottawa with the dates the City eventually gets back to us on and the dates these teams can travel on. Moreover, when finding these teams, Eastern doesn’t have many tools at her disposal to determine whether the game will be close enough to be interesting…or not. There’s still months of training ahead, there are only a few past scores, some basic rankings, but as we’ve all experienced first-hand, these things don’t mean much. We’ve gone from 12th to 47th to 37th to 26th in the flat track rankings in a matter of weeks. Take our last game against Peterborough. Our leagues got off the ground around the same time. Peterborough had a great coach from the start. We were coachless for months and we didn’t even have enough players to roster a team until DAYS before our first season started. Things fell into place quickly with us. We got a coach and managed to get through a season. CCDD and Peterborough are into their respective second seasons. Both teams have new players. On paper, it looked like a good match and that’s the best we could do. Peterborough was awesome. They played right until the final whistle went. They fell, they got right back up. They laughed and joked on the line and said wonderful things to us during and after the game. They took the whole experience as a learning one. All around, both teams were pretty happy and the after-party had a happy and positive tone.

But, we got some tweets about maybe having a closer game next time. Which is fair. Because when you’re coming to see a game, it’s so much better when you have NO idea what’s going to happen until the last few seconds. And it’s what we try to do, because for us, as much as the basic rankings mean a lot to us, and can represent a point of pride, the ranking system is not sophisticated enough to recognize what happens when you beat a team that should have creamed you. It doesn’t take into account how long you’ve been playing. Or even how many games you’ve played. If you’ve only played one game and you won by 500 points, you’ll stay at the top all season. So, while we’re paying attention to where we are, we don’t want to set-up a season that involves huge and easy wins. We’re not going to improve if we don’t challenge ourselves and we’re not going to promote any sustained interest in a sport if we routinely steam roll the competition.

We appreciate the tremendous support we’ve had this year from Ottawa residents. The word on roller derby is getting louder. We have great crowds at our games, we have great support from sponsors and local businesses who’ve put up our posters and offered to sell tickets for us. We had SuzieQ Doughnuts, the Merry Dairy truck, and Beau’s Beer at our last game and this desire to get involved in derby gives us a lot of hope for the future. Every game we play gives our supporters the opportunity to learn more about a sport that’s growing every day. It’s not an easy sport to wrap your head around, but once you’ve seen a bout, you gain a rapid understanding of the intense strategy and physical demands posed by roller derby. Ottawa, we appreciate your support and our next game will be something special. We played a team a year ago at a tournament in Moncton. We spent most of the game down by some serious points, when suddenly, we came back and went on to win by a very narrow margin. The ladies from the Fog City Rollers want a rematch. We don’t blame them. It could have gone either way. They’re travelling all the way from St. John, New Brunswick, to set the record straight. On Saturday, September 8, we’ll be facing each other again at the Jean-Marc Lalonde Arena in Rockland. Yeah, Rockland is a bit of a drive, but they don’t flood their surface in the winter so we can play on a concrete slab. We practised there all winter and the Rockland community is really looking forward to having a game in their neck of the woods.

We still have quite a season ahead of us. You can learn all about us at our brand new website. We still haven’t loaded all the potential content, but it’s on its way. You can also check out our facebook page and follow our twitter feed.

CCDD on facebook

Our Twitter handle @CCDerbyDolls

xo Plow’her

Dolly Rogers

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Update: Long Overdue…

So, here we are hurtling into the winter with only derby to keep us warm! We have been going through the growing pains of starting up and establishing ourselves over the last couple of months- setting up our practice spaces and times and not to mention actually getting our rental together for our Fresh Meat. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm…meat…..!

Our first group of Freshies are gliding on through practices and getting ready to do their mins shortly. This was our small and dedicated group who made it on out on begged, borrowed and old equipment- I think we have some skaters in there with skates that date back to the 1970s, and what can I say but skates have come a long way, baby!

Our second group of Freshies- Fresh Meat 2 as we so creatively like to call them- got off to a roaring start on Saturday. A lot of the ladies showing up ready, willing and anxious to skate- so scuffing up our first set of rental skates.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to convince some of them to write about their derby experiences here- fingers crossed!

Finally, we have tidied house- so to say- and have re-structured and re-elected our Executive Board.

Briefly, here’s how the CCDD Executive looks:

Best Practices Specialist: Shutter Down (Shauna White)
Community Specialist: Delicate Plow’her (Bella Lewkowicz)
Insurance and Infrastructure Specialist: Star (Jessica Brassard)
Financial Specialist: Mech (Patrick Ramsahoye)
Records Specialist: Deanna Destroi (Jane Hosek)

So, that’s a quick update for now!

Eastern Block’Her

An update and tons of important details! Including registration!

Hello again from Capital City Derby Dolls!

As requested by both people who made it to the Open House, and those who were unable to attend, here’s some summary info from our meeting. Be aware that updates on start dates and other important dates are in here, too! Even if you already registered for CCDD, we will need some more info from you. Be sure to read this thoroughly.


We’ll keep this brief, because you can always get details from any CCDD board member.

STRUCTURE: We are a not-for-profit league run by an elected board and a set of committees. The board and committees are made up of skaters and officials of CCDD. Our organization can make money, but no individual will take a profit from the league. So, we can raise and save money for long-term goals, but no individual has a claim to our profits for their own use.

FOCUS: We want to be a league full of positivity, comraderie, hard work, and athleticism. We will strive to be a place where women (and men, as refs) can expand on their physical abilities and become happy, confident athletes.

MEMBERSHIP: Dues are $10 per practice for September, though you are invited to pay the standard $50.00 monthly due if you are able to. There are a lot of start up costs and your contribution would help. As of October, dues will be $50 per month. Dues are due on the first practice of each month, and you only need to pay one month at a time.  The first focus of CCDD is on creating competitive derby teams; naturally, there will be an attendance policy, proposed to be a 75% attendance to be considered bout-ready. There is a code of conduct and bylaws that all players must read. These two documents are available upon request (email us) so that you can read them and be ready to vote on them at the annual general meeting  (AGM). All players are also expected to sit on a committee, which they can choose at the AGM.

PRACTICES: The practice schedule is also available upon request (email us). If you are a new player or a player who has not yet passed your min skills test, you are in the ‘fresh meat’ section (note that players who have partially completed their FM training with another league will receive individualized training outside of the standard FM.) If you have passed your min skills at another league, you are attend ‘league’ practices. Note that all league skaters will take the exams with the FM crew so that CCDD can ethically claim that all skaters have their skills; if there is a skill you are struggling with, talk to the coaches and we will help you with it! No worries!

REFS AND OFFICIALS: Practices will be held at the same time as FM, with exceptions for scrimmages that Rowdy Ranger may have you ref. Email Rowdy at to be on the referee mailing list.

LEAGUE DEVELOPMENT: We have many goals for CCDD, including, eventually, low-contact (loco) derby, as well as derby fitness boot camps, and these will come later. At present, we are focusing on derby that is competitive and will bout against other teams.

Our first priority is the skate drive, which will have its official launch on Wednesday September 22, from 6-9pm, at the Comic Shoppe. A selected few girls will be there thanking people for donations and handing out info. You can direct people to the shoppe, or the other location(s) on the poster—which you will get later this week.


SEPT 20TH: FIRST PRACTICE FOR LEAGUE SKATERS. Fresh Meat who have skates can come for the FM portion of practice and get some skate time in, but it will be informal. However, please note: if you are a skater with partial min skills (ie. skaters formerly known as Chaos Crew), the FM times starting Sept 20th are for you! This is the start of practice for those skaters.

The practice schedule is available by request. Email us.

SEPT 22: LAUNCH OF SKATE DRIVE. Get your friends to donate skates, safety gear, and helmets.

SEPT 28: ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING (AGM), 7pm, St Anne Catholic School in Kanata:  Vote on important documents and vote in your board members for the year!

OCT 4: FRESH MEAT BEGINS! If you are a freshie, this is when you will begin! On the practice schedule, you will see your practice times called FRESH MEAT. That time will be shared with the girls who have partially finished their FM training (ie. the Chaos Crew). Delicate Plow’her will be coaching the ‘day old’ meat, and Ender will be coaching the FRESH meat.

TUESDAYS: Tuesdays will be extra practice time at St Anne’s Catholic school. The exact time the gym will be available will depend on if we are using the space for other things, too, like committee meetings.

Note that we may have limited space for Freshies; having your own skates will up your chances of getting into this first FM group. You can get some cheap temporary hi-boot skates at Ragtime on Flora St.; if you plan to buy proper derby skates, ask Delicate Plow’her for advice, and/or buy from a reputable company with a good return policy like Rollergirl. If you can’t afford skates right now or just can’t get them in time, please don’t hesitate to register anyway, so we know you’re interested; if we cannot accommodate you THIS time, we will get you in NEXT time.


We have some registration forms filled out by skaters. However, not everyone made it to the meeting. If you would like to register as a league skater, a former Chaos Crew, or a Fresh Meat, please be sure to RE-CONFIRM your interest by emailing and have that email include:

Name (and derby name if you’re a league skater)

What you are registering for (league, Fresh Meat, Chaos catch-up, or Referee)

Do you have your own skates/are you getting skates?

Do you have an extra pair of skates to loan?

What size are your feet?


We want you have lots of ways to communicate with you! Please follow us on



Our blog:

Our site (under construction):

If you have any questions, please continue emailing them to


We have a dream of a league that rocks on the battlefield, and laughs on the practice track. We are so excited that you are considering taking this journey with us. There will be learning curves all over the place, but as long as we remember how to T-stop at the bottom, we’ll do great. The handful of people who started this crazy project are passionate about derby, and passionate about the people who make derby a reality. We can’t wait to see you out on the track with us. Derby love!!!

Ender, on behalf of Capital City Derby Dolls interim board