Skates! Skates! Skates!

While the holidays represent some well-deserved time off for many people, it also means the derby girls at CCDD have to hang up their skates for a couple of weeks while Ottawa-area schools close. (As if they’re not open 24 hours a day to meet our needs. Pft.)

The forced hiatus ends today. Dolls practice at St. Anne’s tonight, 8-10, and Class 1 Freshies are welcome to participate in some of the drills.

We have lots of great plans for 2011 and it’s time to get rolling and we need every skater’s help. For the next two weeks, there will be a committee sign-up sheet at practice. Pick at least one committee that speaks to you and don’t try to spread yourselves too thin. Your choices are:
– Bouts and Scheduling
– Coaching
– Communications and Media
– Fundraising and Sponsorship
– Officials and Safety
For more information about these committees, go to

A reminder to all: blog submissions can be sent to Eastern Block’her (everythingandafter(at) everythingandafter[at] She’ll be updating the site from time to time and needs material! Submissions can be as simple as a quick paragraph about your new skates, your new wheels, the roller skate napkin-holders you made or the derby cozies you’re planning to knit for me. 😉 This is where the world gets to know us so let’s give ’em something to chew on and let’s get the world excited about derby.

Yay to skating again!


2 thoughts on “Skates! Skates! Skates!

  1. Heya; just wanted to point out that EBs address is .ca (not .com) otherwise the mailer-demon will haunt your inbox.

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